Our Goals

To guide each individual to serve Adonai and put his full faith and trust in Adon Yeshua HaMashiach and love Him with all his heart, soul and might.

To build character of Messiah in individuals, marriages and families so that we will be above reproach of men.

To teach every husband how to maximize his wife's and children's potential in Messiah. For them to meet the needs of their families as leaders and providers, spiritually, financially and emotionally and love them as Messiah loves his people.

To teach every wife how to love her husband and children, how to be discreet, pure in mind , how to manage her own home, in cleanliness, order and health. To provide a home and atmosphere where the word can be taught and music uplifting to the soul can be heard.

To teach singles, whether through choice or past broken relationships to accentuate their place in Messiah in ministry to the body and individuals.

To teach each family the love for Scriptures and to seek its insights and Hebrew pearls.

To teach each family the importance of sound doctrine and understanding the reason for our Messianic Jewish customs and traditions that point to Messiah.

To explain and apply the Biblical principles of finances to the families so they can be faithful to Hashem in their tithes and offerings.

To help every believer to discover their spiritual gifts and assist him to exercise his gift in expressing Hashem's love t the members of the body of Messiah.

To do everything in order and in edification towards the furtherance of the work that Messiah has given us.

To train each believer to edify one another with words, actions and deeds.

To teach believers the destruction of gossip and the other harmful fruits of the flesh.

To teach the importance of giving a good report towards each other.

To show loyalty and submission to those in authority.

To make each major change in life with the blessing of those in authority.

To help each home and establish a teaching center for the word and provide the tools so that this can be accomplished.

To provide an inspired and uplifting ministry in music so that the corporate worship every Shabbat can be expressed openly.

To provide deep and quality teachings/preaching bringing the insights to the Word through the Pastors and visiting ministries. To give outlines and notes so that their message can be more readily followed.

To teach each individual about the feasts and how they reveal Messiah.

To teach each child to honor their parents and the line of authority established in the Scripture.

To guide each person to do the very best he can do in Messiah and to find the perfect will of Hashem for his life.

To provide a ministry in instruction, mature teachings and social events that will benefit all parts if the family in all stages of life so that we can serve our Messiah in a better manner.