Event Listings

Be sure to join us for one of our upcoming special events. 


September 2016

September 11th - Sunday - 11am - Honor Police and Firefighters service and meal

September 18th - Sunday - 10:30am - Clean up / Beautify the Building and grounds Come help us clean up the Temple, both inside and outside

October 2016

Sunday, October 2nd, 5:00pm:  Yom Teruah / Rosh Hashanah in Gym

Monday, October 3rd, 6:00pm:  Tashlic and potluck picnic at Brackenridge Park over behind Zoo Train Station

Tuesday, October 11th, 6:00pm:  Yom Kippur Kol Nidrei Service

Wednesday, October 12th, 10am, 12noon, 2pm:  Yom Kippur Services

Thursday, October 13th - Build the Sukkah - 9am (all day)

Friday, October 14th - Build the Sukkah - 9am (all day)

Sunday, October 16th, 6:00pm:  Sukkot Outside Service

Friday, October 21st, 7:00pm:  Sukkot - Feast for the Nations - Gym

Sunday, October 23rd, 6:00pm:  Shemini Atzeret

Friday, October 28th, 7:00pm:  Simchat Torah

November 2016

Marriage Retreat November 11th thur 13th at Drury Plaza (210-264-4976)

MJAA Grapevine Conference - November 18th thru 20th

December 2016

Friday, December 23rd, 7:00pm:  Hanukkah in the Gymnasium

Tuesday, December 27th, 7:00pm:  Holiday Hanukkah on Huebner