Running with the Wind

~ Running with the Wind ~

Some run fast and some run slow

Some run steady, some stop and go

Some run wild and some run astray

Some run off course and get eaten by prey

Some run with the world and run with sin

Sin ruins their run and their victory ends

All run the course and most want to win

But winners are those that run with the Wind

Not the wind of this world with its fading fads

Not the winds of nature with weather that’s bad

Not winds of fame, money or riches

Not winds of drugs, warlocks or witches

But a Mighty rushing Wind form heaven above

A Wind that descends like a beautiful dove

An invisible Wind that you can not see

A wind that blows holy and righteously

The Holy Spirit of God, the Wind of the Lord

The Mighty Holy Ghost, the Breath of the Word

The Wind of God gives Strength and power

The Wind makes conquerors out of cowards

God’s strong Wind will show you the way

The Wind will lead you and help you each day

Run with the Wind that blows holy and pure

Run with the Wind that flows steady and sure

To run with the Wind is what you need

For in running with the Wind, you will succeed

Romans 8:14 For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

by carl e jones